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ESA Consultores is a well-established, full service consulting company with ample corporate capacity to deliver on complex projects internationally. To date, the company has completed hundreds of projects in more than 15 countries.

Facilities: ESA Consultores' corporate headquarters are located in Tegucigalpa, Honduras. They are equipped with:

  • Data Transcription Room, with the capacity to process very large surveys, staffed with programmers and data transcription clerks, and equipped with computer systems and statistical software including SPSS, STATA, LIMDEP, EPIINFO, and PC-CARP
  • Training Center
  • Administrative and Management Areas,
  • Consultants' Offices with networked computers and backup systems.
  • Conference Rooms
  • Documentation Center, with a Library, and newspaper and periodicals collection, audio library, video library, and photographic archive, and cartographic information, with in-house and on line databases, and Internet search. Our library database can be consulted on line through www.metabase.net.

Communications: We have our own server that hosts our web page, a full- service Intranet, including a Server running Windows NT, hourly automatic tape backup, Zip units, digital camera, 2 Data Show, printers and a 4 scanners. Our Internet access is provided by a dedicated line of 512 kbps to the Metrored fiber optic network, ensuring that our clients receive fast and reliable delivery of ESA Consultores reports and studies. Among the specialized computer programs available at ESA Consultores are: Etnograph, Microsoft Project, SPSS, Auto Cad 2000i,Stata 7, DBMS, y LIMDEP.

Geographic Information System: We have advanced software for managing and interpreting spatial information and maps, including ARC VIEW y AUTOCAD. In addition to GPS for the creation of a database, we have an EPSON TABLOIDE digitalizing board printer. We have GPS (Geographic Positioning System) equipment which is used environmental studies, land use planning, and in socioeconomic data collection. We also have equipment for sampling noise levels, which can also be used in establishing parameters for air quality.

Logistics: Our logistical support is provided by the Finance and Accounting, Administration and Marketing sections, supported by secretaries, messengers and drivers. The accounting department operates a computerized accounting system that has full capability for project administration. We have ample financial capacity to provide the guarantees normally required in the industry.

Professional Organizations: ESA Consultores is affiliated to the following organizations:

  • The Committee of Professional Associations of Construction Enterprises and Consultants in Engineering and Architecture of Honduras (CIRCE)
  • The Professional Association of Honduran Economists (CHE)
  • The Honduran Chamber of Consultancy Firms (CHEC)
  • The Professional Association of Civil Engineers of Honduras (CICH)
  • The Honduran Chamber of Construction (CHICO)
  • The Association of Professionals of Agricultural Sciences of Honduras (COLPROCAH)
  • The Professional Association of Agronomic Engineers of Honduras (CINAH)
  • The Professional Association of Forestry Engineers of Honduras (CIFH),
  • The Chamber of Commerce and Industries of Tegucigalpa (CCIT)
  • Banco Centroamericano de Integración Económica
  • Dirección General de Inversiones, Secretaría de Economía y Comercio
  • Fondo de Preinversión, Dirección Ejecutiva de Ingresos
  • Registro de Contratistas del Estado
  • Dirección de Evaluación y Control Ambiental
  • "Central Contractor Registration" del gobierno de los Estados Unidos de América suministrado por DUN and Bradstreet.

Registration with international organizations
We are registered with the main international cooperation organizations:

  • International Development Bank
  • World Bank
  • United Nations Program for Development